Trans Tahoe Relay – Tahoe, CA

Author: Kelly –

I have spent a few days reflecting on the weekend and what a good time we all had.  Now, time for the report!  A little background first.  The Trans Tahoe Relay race is a prestigious swim race run by the SF Olympic Club and is in its 37th year.  The event begins at Sandy Beach, Incline Village and ends at Skylandia Beach, Lake Forest.  The distance is approximately 11-12 miles, depending upon the source (and the line you swim).  Teams of 6 swimmers toe the line so to speak and take turns swimming from their pilot boat (first 30 minutes, then 15 minutes, then 10 minutes). Rinse and repeat until you are done. Oh, did I mention, no wet suits are allowed?  The field is quite competitive.  Marginal swimmers should not attempt this event. That being said, it is a fun and challenging event.

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