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Kelli Rantz is an IRONMAN!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!! 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️👏👏👏👏👏

5 days ago

Photos from dmc Team’s post

Nov 11, 2018 The Monterey Bay Half Marathon was canceled due to the bad air quality from the Camp Fire in Paradise. The gals still got a race day picture and made lemonade out of lemons by See more

1 week ago

Photos from dmc Team’s post

Nov 4, 2018 Giro de Vino in Lodi. dmcTeam had a huge turnout & a super fun time.

1 week ago

Photos from dmc Team’s post

November 4, 2018 Johnna Davis finished the New York Marathon and qualified for Boston for the second time this year!!! She’s a rock star!! Congratulations Johnna!!! A big thank you to her support See more

1 week ago

Photos from dmc Team’s post

November 2-3 2018 dmc Team members Janet Kramschuster and Carrie Veurink and their KAIA teammates took on the Ragnar Napa Vallley. It’s a relay run from SF to Napa which is just short of 200 miles.

Look up at the stars when you have a chance. Don’t forget they are there. When you’re running in darkness in the wee hours, they will help remind you of the beauty that exists in this world, and that you are part of something way bigger than yourself.

At 41 years of age, it feels fantastic to have an article of clothing with your name and number on it. It reminds you that you were young once, and that you still have that spirit somewhere deep within you.

Carry a bright flashlight in the dark. And if you think you are lost in the woods running alone in the pitch black, you probably are. You’ll be fine. You are braver than you think. Really.

Love your spouse hard and say “thanks for letting me do the stuff I love and that’s important to me”. Remember, this is their journey too.

Age is just a number. This race is proof. Nothing will make you feel more inspired than watching your 72 year old teammate running along the highway in the dark of night. Nothing.

Reach out and chat with strangers. You have more in common than you think. And you just might help each other out (particularly when you’re lost).

Everyone is dealing with hard stuff. Everyone. Share your hard. Let them share theirs. All of a sudden the hard will become that much easier. The best happens when you embrace the hard, together.

Silence and strength are not related. Sometimes the most silent display the greatest strength.

Be honest, be vulnerable, and don’t forget to laugh at yourself. People will love you for being real and being you, and you’ll feel the love back, tenfold.

If you’re angry at yourself, or your body, for defying what you expected or planned it to do, that’s okay. It’s part of the journey and there’s an intentional lesson in there for you to learn and grow from. Always.

A port-a-potty is not so bad when there are no alternatives.

When you’re at the brink of crazy-going to loose it-exhausted, shout it calmly to the world (or your teammates). They’ll have your back.

Humor conquers all.

People care. They care way more than you think or you ever would have predicted. You never know who is watching and how they’ll respond. They will impact you in such great ways when you’re least expecting it.

Nothing beats the end of a long journey than a bear hug, a hot tub, a raging fire, a sunset, and the best people on the planet.” See more

2 weeks ago

For all athletes. Worth a quick read. Lesley Patterson just won Xterra Worlds Maui – in the worst conditions ever. Read her race report and check out the pics. #badass #channellesleyinyournextevent

3 weeks ago

Photos from dmc Team’s post

Thank you Carol Johnston for organizing and taking us on a beautiful fall MTB ride in Crockett. You are so patient with newbies like us. We appreciated the snacks and drinks after the ride too. See more

3 weeks ago

On Oct 27th Chris Engen rode to the Junction with Kirsten Johnsen and met this amazing man! Joe is 84 years old and has ridden to the Summit once a week for the last 10 years! He was “only”

He’s part of the Mt Diablo Cyclists organization and wants us all to go to the website and vote for more turnouts for cyclists. So for him (and all cyclists) , here’s the link – – you can follow instructions to sign the petition there. See more

3 weeks ago

#orangemud packs come in handy when you see a dog in need of a drink. Who knew these things sprayed water this well. Photo credit, Carol Johnston. Thanks Kelly for showing us anothe use of our See more

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