Resevoir Dogs Trail Race – May 2015

What a fun day at San Pablo Dam.   There were ten us:  Theresa, Diana,  Beth, Sue S, Susan H, Kirsten, Mia, Diane D, Carol and Kelli.  Thank you Carol for bringing the banner which got some attention.Reservoir Dogs Trail Race

Kudos to Theresa, Diana and Kirsten for their podium finishes.  Diana let it rip going up the steep hills.  Lost sight of her within minutes of the start and saw her only on her way back.

It was a perfect morning, clear and cool.  Inside trails is known for their more challenging routes and consistent with that, the race starts with a steep hill.  The trail starts with mashed asphalt and uneven thick grass.  The run is almost all trail and the turnaround is at the reservoir off of Bear Creek Road.  The run back (if you still have quads) is fast.

Good job dmc’ers!  #runfast