Sea Otter Classic – April 2015

With two dmc team mates, Carol Johnston and Connie Frew, we killed the Sea Otter Classic – Mountain Bike Grand Fondo. Carol and I stuck together and Connie rode with her hubby. The course was 24 miles and 3500 feet of climbing located in Monterey, California. Lots of single track (up and down). We couldn’t have had a nicer weekend; a cool foggy start turned into a beautiful sunny day  with  a  slight breeze coming off the Pacific coast.

We couldn’t have completed this ride without our Hammer products. First thing in the am Jen  took her Endurolytes. Sea Otter Classic 2015While Carol opted for Anti-Fatique. Jen had Perpetum in a water bottle, ready for consumption two hours into the ride. And Carol made and drank her 3-hr bottle using Sustain. Sadly, wink wink, Carol and Jen passed a lot of young men on the steep climbs. They must not have paced themselves well and obviously didn’t have Hammer Nutrition. Jen saw many of them glaring  and one guy said, “&%^*#! She’s not even breathing hard!”  Carol alternately heckled and cheered the hill walkers.

At the end of the ride, after all the climbing out of the valley….…..with legs that were saying, “Ok. I’m done,” Jen had a bottle of Recoverite, and some Endurance Amino’s. That was yesterday and today Jen  is a little tired but feeling great. Carol also choses Recoverite as her post workout nutrition. Preferring the Strawberry flavor. Not bad for two over-the-hill ladies in their 50s. Yee Haa! Thanks Hammer Nutrition.