Wine Country Century – Santa Rose May 2015

This was a super fun ride and recommend that we do it again next year.   Kimberle, Sue S, Sue G, Greg G, Beth and Jeff Mikesell and I started a little after 8.  It was chilly…note to self for next year, is to wear two or three layers no matter how warm it is in Walnut Creek.  I sucked on Perpetuum solids for the entire ride.  I think I was able to make three last 4 hours – slow fueling in between tons of snacks at the rest stops.  Speaking of snacks, I enjoyed the slice of banana topped with peanut butter and an M&M.
Our 200k riders by the ocean trying to stay warm

The first rest stop comes quickly at 10 miles.  The hot coffee was especially great among all the things that were available to put in our mouthes. Also appreciated clean port-a-potties.  The caffeine must have kicked in for Sue S because she and Greg G shot off and we didn’t see them until the lunch stop at the dam.  At lunch we connected with Diana and Theresa and Clubsport cohorts, Glenda, Peggy, Beth and many others.

100k riders at the finish
100k riders at the finish

After lunch we practiced pace-lining with Greg G doing a lot of the heavy lifting.The time flew by.  It warmed up and was just a beautiful day among the vineyards.

 There was lots of food and Lagunitas IPA at the end.